What Makes Me Tick by Lance Kinnick

Ice cream at any time, music that is sublime
Poems with rhythm and rhyme, steaks that are surely prime


Country music to download and apple pie made a la mode
Mountain trails when it’s snowed and getting the show on the road


People that inspire so children can aspire
Role models to admire so we’ll all aim much higher


Chocolate chip cookies and lemon meringue pie
Exceptional rookies and students that try


Mornings that are sunny, jokes that are funny
Jobs that fulfill and words that instill


Trips to new places and seeing old faces
A crisp winter day and children at play


Starry nights and unique sights
Refreshing showers and blossoming flowers


A walk in the park and the song of a lark
A meal with a friend and some money to spend


The rising of the sun and a day of good fun
A book to enjoy and ideas to deploy


Bookshops for browsing, songs that are rousing
My grandchildren maturing, ideals that prove enduring


Children with their eyes aglow, tranquil forests in the snow
Homers in a baseball game, birthday candles all aflame


A hibiscus in bloom outside a beautiful room
And shops full of sweets on pedestrian streets


My precious family, my rewarding occupation
My desire to reach a Peruvian destination

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