“What Makes Me Tick” By Doxa Michalopoulou

I love music when it’s rock,
comfy, fuzzy socks,
chocolate birthday cakes, and a bowl of cornflakes.

I love my sister’s sweet laugh,
beautiful scenery photographs,
being a skillful pianist, and also a creative artist.

I love ice tea in the summer,
people with kind manners,
freshly baked pizzas, and summery sandy beaches.

I love scary roller coaster rides,
thrilling waterslides,
visiting foreign places, and walking through complex mazes.

I love the festive Christmas glee,
picnic under trees,
school when it ends, and strolling with my friends.

I love watching shows on Netflix,
playing loads of tetris,
adventure and science-fiction movies, and hilarious comedies.

I love hiking in the woods,
loose shirts with hoods,
interesting plots in books, and peaceful mountain brooks.

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