Social Consciousness

Nowadays, people aren’t interested in social problems. Every day they hear many incidents of abuse, drugs or even environmental damage. However, they choose to stay away from these, which isn’t always right. Why is this happening? How can the society change their mind? Let’s discuss these issues.

We have to find the reasons why people choose to be uninterested in such significant problems. First and foremost, most people believe that these serious social problems will not affect them directly in the near future. They feel that their children or their family won’t encounter abuse in their life. So, they find it foolish to care about something which doesn’t influence them personally. Moreover, people often underestimate the seriousness of social problems in general. They contend that the effects of them cannot be harmful. Last but not least, lots of people are unaware of these problems. They don’t know of their existence or how to handle them.
Due to this fact, society should inform people of all ages and walks of life about the current social situation. Leaflets will be very helpful and will give information on how we can all face severe problems in society. Moreover, anthropologists can also talk about this situation on TV, as guests on serious panels, or even discuss the issue during news broadcasts. What’s more, non-profit organizations should organize different everyday meetings where people can go and learn about social issues and how to deal with them.
All in all, unfortunately, many people lack social consciousness. It’s unacceptable not to know what problems our modern society faces. This should be changed as quickly as possible and, of course, the government should lend a hand to tackle that situation.

Ioanna Dimitriadi

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