Role Models

That question in my English glass (who are your role models?) made me think … Do I have any? Should I? With that premises should I choose them?

Well, I believe most people of my age have celebrities as models, for example singers and football players. I find this very disappointing for our generation because most of us choose their standards regarding attitude & the financial situation of the person & these are not always the most important aspects of a person.
In my Greek school the teachers say that it’s beneficial to have role models even if they are not what they seem. I disagree. Why do you have to have a fake example when you can have a real and a better one?
For me, someone is a role model when he or she has morality, is humble, and has done something through a lot of effort. I think Saints and parents have to be role models. It gets on my nerves when I hear people say, “Kylie and Kendall Jenner (If you know them) are the best idols”. But it’s ok. It’s their choice.
Now, my role models. Well, everyone who is older than me should be an example. But I really admire my parents because of their many merits, such as honesty, generosity, patience and love.

Areti Merkouri
Advanced Class

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