October 28th

Today, October 28th, is a very special day for my country. We celebrate the big ‘’No’’ we said to the Italians in 1940. We refused to let them pass through our country with their army. Many would say ‘’What’s wrong with that? They only wanted to ‘’pass’’ through your country.’’ Well, it is forbidden for a foreign army to set foot in our land and that law isn’t only for us. All the world has that law. Anyway, we fought the Italians and we defeated them but then the Nazis came and we were subjugated. In that period of time when we were overcome, 1941-1944, the Germans killed many people.

So for that reason, last week our school arranged for us to go on a school trip. We went to the Kesariani shooting range. This is where the Germans executed 200 rebels. The people there told us the ways they killed them, they showed us the guns which were used in the executions and they even told us some sad information about what happened there. The youngest person that was executed that day was 14 years old! After the executions, the roads were filled with blood and the women had to clean it. Just imagine that the Germans did so many terrible things to us that there were some incidents of Nazis killing their own soldiers just because they didn’t want to take part in this kind of behavior.

It was so emotional to see our guide, a man from Kesariani, speaking with so much sadness in his voice.


Name: Michael Prasinos

Advanced Class – Pontou School

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