Memories from The Kinnick English School Trip to London

July 3rd-7th, 2019

All our students who joined us on this educational trip to England wrote some interesting comments.

Here are some of their comments:

This trip was my first one abroad. It was an amazing experience which I am sure I won’t forget. In the beginning, I was really nervous and I had a lot of doubts about this trip. Now, I know I made the right decision. We managed to do a lot of things these days. We went to the London Eye, Cambridge University, the British Museum and Oxford Street. Unfortunately, not to Big Ben, but I am sure the next time I will see it. The hotel was outstanding and the breakfast was incredible. I didn’t want to leave. I had an amazing time but all good things come to an end.

Anna, 14 years old


When I was a little kid, I dreamed of travelling abroad but I didn’t manage to do it. This year, I was given the chance to visit London and took it. These five days we visited plenty of museums and monuments, such as the National History Museum, the British Museum and places like the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s. Moreover, we went shopping on Oxford and Regent Streets and we saw the Phantom of the Opera, which was magnificent, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go to Hamley’s. The University of Cambridge, which we visited the fourth day, was really incredible and I enjoyed it very much. I wish we had had more time and we had stayed for more days because I would like to have visited Big Ben and the Parliament but OK. Next time, I will surely visit them. I enjoyed to the full that trip and I will never forget it.

Nikoleta, 15 years old


I have travelled to a lot of places during my life but I had never managed to visit London and I had always wanted to go there. Through this trip, I managed to fulfil one of my dreams.With my English School “Kinnick” and part of my family, we went to London on July 3rd 2019. There, even from the first day, we started visiting exciting monuments, museums and shops. Although I had no idea about the theater, on the second day we watched an amazing performance. My grandma always said, “If you ever visit London, you have to watch a musical in London and the first one that any educated young man must see is “The phantom of the Opera”. Every other musical must come after that.” That was so true. The scenes were perfect. There were great special effects that aroused all our emotions. Her Majesty’s Theater is a building that itself creates the atmosphere with the chandelier and the phantom up almost to the ceiling. To this moment, thinking of it gives me “goose bumps”.I loved every moment of it and so did the rest of our group.

The following day, we experienced “the London Eye”, met our old teacher, Natassa, from our Pontou School, and went shopping on Oxford Street. The following day we went to Cambridge. It was a fantastic city and I didn’t know that most of the city was made up of many colleges that all together comprise Cambridge University. Shopping is always a pleasure and 5 days passed really quickly and we returned with double the stuff I brought (I bought a lot). Last but not least, we visited Windsor Castle, and Eton, where we all enjoyed a huge traditional meal at a real English Pub, compliments of our group leader, Mrs Kinnick. Now, I am on the plane jotting down my emotions about this trip. So, overall it was an extraordinary trip and now I feel sad that I am leaving that beautiful city behind.

Angelos,13 years old


This trip was different from the others. To begin with, it was the first time I travelled abroad. I am very excited because I had always wanted to visit England and London. In London, we visited loads of different places, such as monuments, museums like the British Museum and the National History Museum, and streets with many stores. These five days in London we also visited Madame Tussaud’s, which I liked very much, the London Eye, where we enjoyed a beautiful view, and Buckingham Palace. What I enjoyed the most in London was the shopping on Oxford Street, where we bought lots of souvenirs to remember the trip.

Elizabeth, 15 years old


An adventure is finished today, 7th July, 2019. London for me is a city which gives you great opportunities to understand how British people behave in their daily lives. Moreover, as a tourist I really enjoyed visiting very special places, such as the British Parliament, the British Museum, the London Eye, etc. We also did a lot of shopping. We went to many shops and we bought clothes and other things that are not easily found in Greece. Lastly, we had dinner at some of the best restaurants in London and we visited the University of Cambridge. It is an experience I will never forget.

Leonidas, 16 years old


OK, so first of all, this trip was the 2ndtime I have been abroad. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Although I would really want some of my friends and parents to come with me, I had so much fun that I would like to go again, this time with more money though, cause I couldn’t afford certain stuff. The “Phantom of the Opera” was amazing. I didn’t think it would be that nice and that I would get really bored. The food we ate was “OK”, cause we didn’t eat something that special. The only thing I ate and I hadn’t eaten before was a burger at Burger King and it wasn’t something special. The hotel was amazing with an out-of-this- world breakfast, and most importantly our room was really clean. The weather was perfect for me cause most of the time the weather was really very nice. I also enjoyed the boat trip on the Thames River, which was amazing and we saw many nice buildings. Next destination for me is New York!

Anastasia, 15 years old

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