If I Could Live Forever

So yesterday I played a game with some questions and there was one: If you could live forever, would you like to?

Well, my first answer was “yes”, totally! But a friend of mine said “no” because he would see people who he loves dying. But I believe that if I could live forever I would do so many things & here is what I was thinking all night.
Firstly, when I say “to live forever, “it also means “forever young” (not in maturity but physically). For a start, I would like to taste all the world’s cuisine and have a go at every kind of sport (such as skiing, wingsuit flying, rally raid and skateboarding). I would travel by submarine (and maybe live there when stupid people make wars). Spending a period of time in Africa would enable me to help the poor children there and teach them literature and maths.
I enjoy studying languages, maths and many other things (such as biographies and classic books) and would like to meet every mathematician who’s alive. What else? Oh yes! It would be an experience to stay at an abbey for a period to find peace and do something that fills my soul. And the best part of what I want to do is to become an astronaut due to the fact that I have always wanted to travel into space, develop new theories of science and see how it feels to float. This would be perfect… Of course, I wouldn’t get married, not merely because my husband would die, but also because I would be young and have all these other things to do!

Areti Merkouri
Advanced Class

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