“I Love” By Lance E. Kinnick

A poem inspired by the Song “I Love” by Tom T. Hall

I love Christmas in the snow,

My grandson Angelo,

Watching a good flick, and cycling with Nick.


I love thousand-page books,

Cozy winter nooks,

Being left-handed, and beaches that are sanded.


I love water that is warm,

A brief thunderstorm,

Hot chocolate in a mug, and little Lina’s hug.


I love hiking in the mountains,

Cool summer fountains,

Books concerning history, and Chrisy.


I love Angelica’s tasty food,

Being in a joyful mood,

Staying slim, and Jim.


I love watching the Yankees play baseball,

Browsing the bookshop in the mall,

Christmas in New York, and pork.


I love cookies with chocolate chips,

Adventurous foreign trips,

Authentic baseball caps, and relaxing summer naps.

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