Human Relationships

It is known that human relationships play a significant role in the life of an individual because any human activity is focused on providing services to others, and in many cases, relationships are more important to people than products.

The types of interaction between human beings are innumerable, such as conflicts, cooperative work and group relationships. All are included in the social and interpersonal relations framework.
Moreover, man is a social animal and he has a natural urge to live a communal life (with others). He needs society for his existence and survival. Society creates conditions and opportunities for the development of the individual by ensuring harmony and cooperation among its members, in spite of their occasional conflicts and tensions. Society is a system of procedures that liberate or limit human activity, which is necessary for the fulfilment of life. Humans can never develop their personalities, language and culture outside society.

Furthermore, humans are social creatures not only by nature but also by necessity. Social, mental and physical needs are very important and will remain unfulfilled without the coexistence of their fellow beings. Psychological safety, recognition and self-actualization can only take place within the state of living in a society. The development of the human mind is made possible and society molds people’s attitudes, beliefs, morals, ideals and shapes their character. Undoubtedly there is a strong bond between individuals and society, each one cannot exist without the presence of the other. This relationship has been an interesting and complex issue, analyzed by Greek and Roman philosophers. Social order is conceived of as a uniform entity and its principles are formed by people’s choices. Plurality and the desires of individuals are also issues to take into consideration.

To sum up, society progresses well with the minimum possible restrictions on individuals. The spirit of duty to society is an ideal for everyone to espouse. Society demands greater sacrifices so the fruits of labor can be shared as a common right. The inherent capacities and weaknesses of an individual are properly taken into account. Human values must be given due respect. This side of human life must be examined from a philosophical viewpoint.

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