Greek Education’s Problems

Nowadays, education is more like a person’s obligation than a right. Education is one aspect of life that contributes to a person’s development. Unfortunately, many countries’ educational systems are inadequate, such as the Greek educational system.

To start, schools should teach children from a very young age how to behave politely and correctly and also to respect other people, no matter what color, sex or origins they have. Furthermore, schools should tell children what kind of things and situations they should avoid in life. Therefore, the students’ characters will be improved. In addition, schools should focus on long-term learning, instead or memorizing, so as to give the child the right perception of many aspects of life. The teachers’ job in high school should be considerable and adequate. Consequently, their students won’t prefer private lessons with another teacher to cover more curriculum in order to pass their exams to get into the university.

From my point of view, Greek students are taught some subjects, such as technology, which don’t have anything useful to offer due to the lack of explanation and not teaching how to use modern technological equipment. We would feel a lot safer when driving if the Greek students were taught how to act properly on the road, as drivers and pedestrians, due to the fact that we have 2.000 fatalities owing to car accidents annually in Greece. There should be a subject about bullying in Greece, teaching Greek students how to deal with it and talking to their teachers. Students should also learn to cooperate with each other. Students should choose some specific subjects that they think are useful when they reach high school.

To conclude, the Greek educational system should change immediately, in order to improve our society.


Name: Konstantinos Alapantas

Advanced Class – Diagora School

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