Everything Happens for Fame

Nowadays, people would do anything possible to be famous. The worst is that they are not trying to be famous by doing clever and smart things, but acting silly and without humanity.

To start, I’d like to refer to an incident which happened a year ago. A middle-aged man uploaded a video on youtube which was terrible. He was hitting his dog very hard without a reason. Just to get fame. How did he get fame? His video received over one million views. People started wishing him the worst for his life, but this didn’t matter to him. He became infamous, but he got money from youtube, because his video had a lot of views. This man never got arrested because he didn’t show his face in the video.

Recently, there was another incident. Actually, it happened four days ago. A dad who does not even deserve to be called “Dad” was trying to teach his baby how to walk. So, every time the little girl fell on the ground her dad slapped her or hit her in the stomach very hard. The child started crying. She was seriously hurt, so she didn’t have the power to continue her attempts to walk. The monster who wants to be called “Dad” grabbed her and lifted her high. Then he let her fall, so she would make an effort to stand on her legs. The baby was too weak to achieve it, so she fell on the ground. Dad tried this method numerous times, but he couldn’t see a result. The child was seriously hurt and moved to the hospital and the man got arrested – which he certainly deserved!

To conclude, I would like to say that I am very disappointed in my generation and I wish I could have lived back in time when the Internet didn’t exist and these issues didn’t appear in full view of the world.


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