Diet! A huge issue that concerns many thousands of people and mainly women! An increasing number of people want to lose weight and become fit and healthy. This choice, however, hides many hazards and especially for people who try it alone without help from a doctor or a dietician.

50% of women are ready and alert every minute to start a new diet and 90% of teenage girls are on a diet.

The diet industry promises a healthy slimming within a few days. But do these diets really work? They may have a tragic result for the person who tries them. Diets have a good, a bad and a weird aspect.
Obesity is the main reason for millions of deaths all around the world. Many people are on a diet or they want to try it. There are so many kinds of diets that people don’t know which one to try. Some of them are effective, some useless and some can cause someone’s death.

“Back to the Stone Ages” is a diet on which the person who tries it eats only food found in nature. This diet consists of unprocessed food and is based on the food which hunters ate. For example, meat, fish, fruits and green vegetables. But who is wealthy enough to consume meat and fish daily?

Additionally, a gluten-free diet is appropriate only for people who are allergic to it. Gluten is inside bread, pasta, flour, noodles, rye, barley and wheat. This kind of diet became a huge trend and many people who aren’t allergic to gluten avoid it and stop consuming it. Contrary to the myth that gluten is fattening, gluten is necessary to our daily diet.

In addition, there are some extremely crazy diets which noone should try! Firstly, a weird diet is based on eating only cabbage soup. Some people eat this soup for seven days, which provides too little nutrition and someone can die from starvation. Moreover, there is “The Sleeping Beauty Diet”. When someone’s sleeping, he can’t eat and some people use sleeping pills, which are very dangerous, to manage to sleep all the time.

Furthermore, “The Chewing Diet” is also a weird diet which many people try. You can chew your food 32 – 80 times but not swallow, just spit it out. This diet can cause problems to your teeth and hunger or even starvation. Additionally, an absolutely ridiculous diet is “The Cotton Diet”. Teenagers dip cotton balls inside juice, swallow them and then believe that they aren’t hungry. Nevertheless, all this cotton is stuck in the gut. A human being can’t digest cotton and, as a result, will die.

The next craziest diet is the “Feeding Tube Diet”. This diet is only for really sick people but many healthy people try it. The tube goes from your nose to your stomach and causes death (of course). Moreover, we have the “Tongue Grid Diet”, which consists of a net sewn on someone’s tongue. It’s so painful that you can’t eat anything (or speak). Finally, there is the “Breathing Diet”, when you just breathe, no eating, no drinking, just breathing. In the end, you’re like a balloon and we all know what happens to balloons when they lose their mass!

My personal opinion is that all these diets are based on people’s insecurity, because they want to be like all those celebrities and models. I used to be obese, as many people, but the correct choice is the doctor and not all these ridiculous and extremely dangerous diets that may put your life at risk. All these industries which advertise their super skinny models are the ones to blame, as they create clothes only for thin people and few and ugly clothes for obese people.

If someone wants to lose weight, he must eat healthy and balanced meals rather than exaggerate.
Hippocrates said, “Let the food be your medicine!”

Catherine Lakafosi

*All this information is from a documentary about food on TV.

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