Animal Abuse

About a week ago, two northern Greek soldiers uploaded an inhumane video on the Web. This video’s content contained the torture of a helpless dog by the soldiers, probably leading to a cold-blooded murder.

Animal abuse, or any type of abuse, is a crime that should be punished severely. Additionally, any witness who sees this inhumane situation is obliged to react properly, such as calling the police and not letting the situation continue.

However, I’m in the shameful situation to say that none of the above measures were taken. Both of the soldiers are in court and their punishment may just be a couple of years in jail, and the most shocking thing for me is that there were a few comments from people agreeing with the content of the video, writing very mean reviews about the dog as well.

To sum up, certain measures have to be taken regarding this issue. This video was just a sample of what is happening every day. Opinion concerning this problem is that being animal friendly must be obligatory, and any act of abuse should be punished very strictly. Animals have feelings too, and abusing an animal may be the same as abusing a person.

Lefteris Lazarou

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